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Welcome to Jolly Crepe. My name is May Ortiz, I am a freelance graphic designer turned blogger. I started Jolly Crepe as a platform for me to share health, wellness, personal blogs, lifestyle tips, and delicious recipes that I’ve picked up along the way. Over the years I’ve grown increasingly passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle; physically, mentally, and emotionally and I want to share what I’ve learned with you! On Jolly Crepe you’ll find everything from homemade skincare products to tips on improving your personal well being. Join me on this wonderful journey of self discovery and self love!


About May

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You read about Jolly Crepe but I’d love to share a little bit more about my personal life and who I am. I was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1994 but I’ve lived in Northern, VA since I was three years old. I currently live in Virginia with my family and my teacup Chihuahua Bo. You’ll find me regularly posting pictures of him on InstagramI enjoy writing, surfing the web, antiquing, exploring small towns, hiking, and listening to music. I’m a die hard Britney Spears fan, and a huge fan of 90’s music and early 2000’s pop and alternative rock in general. As mentioned above, I am a freelance graphic designer and it’s something I am truly passionate about. My love of art and design goes all the way back to the Myspace days. At age 13, I ran a semi-succesful (not really) layout page where I’d spend most of my days creating and coding layouts for people. Besides art and design, I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts online which is why I created Jolly Crepe! Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy.